Anchorage"s Self Guided Tour

Wondering what to do with a day in Anchorage? 

Here are some helpful ideas 
but there is so much to do that it is better if you have more than one day.

1. It is best to rent a car to get around.  They can be as little as $40 a day.  To take cabs all day would cost a lot

more. With the sun coming up in the very early am and setting around midnight there is a lot to see.

2. Take a walking tour of downtown. With just a two hour tour you will get to see why almost 500,000 people call

this home. To arrange a guided tour talk with your hotel concierges and the tour operators.

3. Visit the Native Heritage Center. Here you will get to see firsthand the culture and beliefs of our Natives. Enjoy

the Native dances, story-telling, sings, representations of homes, huts and their villages. See the spectacular art

work and artifacts of the different Native Cultures.

4. Take a tour of the Anchorage Museum of Art and Natural History. Our museum is world class. From the

historical displays to the current works of art, you could easily spend the whole day there.

5. Visit the Alaska Railroad Museum. Here you will get to see how significant the railway system was to

developing Alaska and how it protected us in WWII.

6. Ship Creek Salmon Run. In season this waterway is full of salmon and fisherman. It is a sight to see them

fighting their way up stream.

7. If you are interested in gift shops and antique stores there is an assortment for you along Fourth Ave. As you

stroll along the Avenue there are great shops and when you get hungry there is an assortment of great places to

eat all around you.

8. Anchorage Performing Arts Center. Located in the middle of the hotels and downtown this is a great

opportunity to take in one of the short features about wolves, glaciers or the northern lights.

9. Experience the great Alaska Earthquake of 1964. Stop at the Experience Theater and see the movie and

experience the feeling of the earthquake that made world history and changed Anchorage and Alaska forever.

10. Eagle River Nature Center. A short drive north and you can enjoy a nature hike, an interpretive tour of the

center or just the great outdoors and the chance to see some of the wildlife.

11. Flattop Mountain and Lookout. Drive up O'Malley Road and follow the signs. In just a 10 minute stroll you will

get to see the best lookout of the city and the surrounding 200 miles. If you are up for more of a challenge then

climb to the top of the mountain.

12. Potter's Marsh. As you head south of Anchorage just outside the city is Potter's Marsh and Nature Preserve.

As you walk along the boardwalk you will be immersed in the middle of ducks, geese, waterfowl and an

occasional moose.

13. Beluga Point. In just a 10 minute ride south of Anchorage you can park and look out at the water at high tide

and watch for the white backs of the Beluga whales. If you turn around and look at the mountains behind you see

if you can see some of the Dahl Sheep that like to hang out there.

14. The Alaska Zoo. Here you will get to expand your knowledge of the Arctic wildlife. With the zoo small enough

to cover in a short time there is still a wide variety of animals to see.

15. Take a stroll along the Tony Knowles Trail. This is a fully paved trail that winds along the Cook Inlet

shorelines around Anchorage. You can rent a bike or just walk along this 11.5 mile trail.

16. Earthquake Park. Located at the halfway mark of the Tony Knowles trails. Here you will get to see some of

the devastation from the earthquake and the tides.

17. Lake Hood. At the entrance to the International Airport is the largest float plane "lake-port" in the world. Park

behind the Dept. of Transportation along the "runway" and with the planes land and take off.


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